Winter Vision Meetings

Meeting Format

All accepted WACV papers will include both a short oral presentation and a poster presentation. Each oral/poster session will be paired so that the same papers appear back-to-back in their respective oral and poster sessions. We anticipate having one set of oral/poster sessions in the late afternoon and one in the evening after dinner. A more detailed program will be available soon.

Oral Presentations

Oral presentations will be 5 minutes in length and will not include a question-and-answer period. There will be plenty of opportunity to discuss the paper with the author during their poster sessions, which will immediately follow the session in which they give their oral presentation.

The presentations rooms will be equipped with a speaker podium and a projector.

Poster Presentations

Each session's posters will be those papers presented in the immediately preceding oral session. We anticipate the sessions being 2 hours (early evening, including dinner) and 1.5 hours (late evening) respectively.

The poster boards are 3' x 4', and any size poster you wish to use up to this size is fine. There is no template or required format.